My Teaching Portfolio can be found here.

PostdocUniversity of Virginia. September 2020 – August 2022. Syllabi for the courses can be accessed here and here.

LecturerUniversity of Essex. September 2019 – July 2020.

Associate LecturerUniversity of Essex. October 2015 – June 2019.

Instructor of Record Georgia State University.  2011 – 2014. Global Issues. The syllabi for the courses are here and here.

Visiting LecturerPresidency University, Kolkata (Spring-Summer 2013). Comparative Political Economy (graduate-level). The reading list for the course can be found here.


  1. Social Media and the Global South – studies the relationship between social media, people and politics in Global South societies.
  2. Cinema, Politics, and Society in South Asia – course uses a collection of assorted films to study the contours of politics and society in India, and South Asia, from colonial period to contemporary days.
  3. Political Analysis: Introduction to Regression – introductory statistical methods and their application in political science.
  4. Social Science Research Methods – Introduction to philosophy of science and research methods.
  5. Comparative Political Analysis – causal inference and experimental research methods in social sciences.
  6. Political Economy of International Development – advanced undergraduate course on political economy.
  7. Asian Politics – political economy and democratisation in Southeast Asia.
  8. Politics and Economic Policies – public goods and environmental politics.
  9. Democracy: Forms and Futures – introductory comparative politics, democratic institutions and democratisation.
  10. Introduction to Politics – introductory comparative politics and international relations theories.
  11. Capstone Project – mentoring final year undergraduate students on their undergraduate capstone dissertations.

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